We offer high quality App and Game development.

We love to create games and interactive web-applications. Mobile apps and social-media-applications on the internet and on facebook are a great way to attract attention of your services to a broad audience. You have a dream and we might be the ones who bring it to virtual live.

You decide whether you want to deliver the content, artwork and interactions and we bring it to live exactly the way you want it. Or maybe you have a rough idea and we can bring in our know how and create an appealing project description together.

What we offer:

We have profound know how in the game-business. Having worked several years in the Online-Game industry at Gameforge and being already a partner of Chillingo on mobile development with our game ‘Spoing’.

We love to be creative and we’re always searching for new game-concepts and playgrounds. We’re open for all kind of games in any genres and interactive toys. If you let us be crazy and creative about your idea, we will show you a pile of possibilities you may haven’t even thought of.

All our games have been done completely by ourselves, so this gives you an impression of what we are capable of. It is no problem for us though, if you wish to deliver content and artwork by a 3rd party.

3D and Animation:
Lots of our games include simple animated 3d-objects like enemies. So we can offer animated 3d-content for smaller projects.

Movies and Trailer:
Movies are a great way to showcase your app or service. We can create this movie for you just the way we did in the YouTube trailers for our numerous games.

We have chosen to work with the cutting edge game engine Unity and have done all our projects with it. Unity is a professional game-engine that allows development for the Web/Facebook, iOS and Android. Here is a little show-reel what the Unity engine is capable of: On top of that we offer native iOS and Android development to get the best results for your needs.

Having already worked for Gameforge, one of the worlds largest publishers of Online Games, we have deep knowledge of scalable server-programming allowing us to take our Web and Facebook-applications to a world-wide audience.

Quality is most important for us and includes not only fluid and bug-free Applications, but also the usability and the play-experience of our applications. We test our products with a broad test-audience until they are as polished as they possibly could be, fitting exactly your needs and giving your audience a unique and exciting gaming experience.

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