Plopp and Plopp HD- Relaxing Puzzle Action 

Plopp – Let yourself be mesmerized by Plopp. A unique and colorful action puzzle-experience awaits you.

Bubble-like circles, so called ‘Plopps’ emerge all over the place and start growing. When you tap on a Plopp, it explodes and a shockwave is unleashed. If other Plopps are hit by a shockwave they also explode causing big chain-reactions! The bigger the chain-reaction, the more points you get.

The bigger a Plopp, the more points you get, but if 2 Plopps touch each other, they both vanish. Also, the bigger the chain reaction gets, the more points you get out of each additional Plopp.

* Experience a totally unique puzzle-experience.
* Unleash big chain reactions.
* Get mesmerized by awesome visuals.
* Explore four Different Game Modes.
* Challenge your friends in various high-scores.
* Face eighty challenging quests.
* Accessible ‘One-Touch-Controls’ allow anybody to play.
* Listen to three great in-game soundtracks or rock your own iTunes.

Feel free to use our media-kit for Plopp, it contains: Screenshots, additional artwork, texts and of course the original Plopp-Trailer. (30mb)

Download Media-Kit


Plopp – iPhone/iPod Touch
Plopp HD – iPad
Plopp for Android

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