Jump N Roll

‘Jump N Roll’ – Addictive old School Jumping
Jump N Roll is all about Jumping all over the place and to leap over deep pits! Addictive Old-School gameplay with lots of Diamonds, Monsters, Quests and Upgrades. The character rolls with a constant speed so that the player can focus on jumping and dashing monsters with an intuitive one-touch control!

Based on the good old Jump N Run Game-Mechanics, ‘Jump N Roll’ is reduces to Jump only to enable intuitive OneTouch-Control.

To be able to do one single Mid-Air-Jump is pretty cool, but it is a lot more fun to do Mid-Air Jumps over and over again!

The character can switch to the back-layer when jumping on red mushrooms. The reward is much higher there, but it is more dangerous and only the bravest jumpers should choose this path.

* 90 challenging quests!
* 3 unique stages!
* Intuitive one touch control!
* Dash to get rid of the various monsters!
* Lots of useful upgrades!
* Jump to the back-layer to get more points!
* Explore bonus-areas with lots of coins and diamonds!
* Easy to pick up, but hard to master!
* Addictive Old School gameplay!

Jump N Roll – iPhone and iPod Touch
Jump N Roll HD – iPad
Jump N Roll – Android

Feel free to use our media-kit, it contains screenshots, additional artwork, logos, and of course the original YouTube-trailer. (69 MB)

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