About games2be

games2be – Swiss App and Game Developer

games2be is a small independant one-man Swiss game-developer since 2010.

We know the nuts and bolts of our business which is shown in the fact that we could already work with Chillingo, the biggest iOS Publisher. On top of that our game ‘Jump N Roll’ has won a promotion-award by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture and Pro Helvetia.

Gerhard Oester
2010–today – games2be GmbH
2008-2010 – Gamedesigner and game director at Gameforge AG
2006-2008 – Worked as a member of the “Gamedesigners of Switzerland”
2005-2008 – Studied Gamedesign at the Zurich University of the Arts
2004-2005 – Free working artist
2002-2004 – High school teacher
1999-2003 – University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

Contact: gerhard.oester@games2be.com